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What if tomorrow and later where lies you tell yourself to keep from being who you really want to be? Discover what happens when a writer calls her own bluff and declares her long procrastinated book, complete.

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This is Dirt is a look at what it's like to use struggle as a shield from our dreams. Read along as one human learns she can bluff herself and achieve her dream.


Completing my first book has opened up so many opportunities and dreams. I’m excited to share with others. I write stories and accounts that touch lives, shift perspectives and inspire.

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I’d love to speak to your group of creatives, writers, and procrastinators. I enjoy brainstorming, coaching, collaborating and bringing out the greatness in others. If you’ve been holding back, holding on or waiting for someday – this is that day and it’s time to take the next step.

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Are you tired of hearing your own excuses, tired of the gnawing hunger that you just can’t seem to quell or you’re simply ready to move forward on your dreams, this is the space for you. If you are convinced that you need to share your words or creations with the world and you are ready to take the next step, I’ll coach you, hold your hand, slap your hand and get you moving toward your designed life of creating and sharing. Let’s talk.

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Pull it together

I’ve spent a large portion of my life working to stuff myself into little boxes, big boxes, full boxes.

I’ve recently decided that since we’re all whole and complete humans, I get to reinvent the outward self I present as many times as is needed. The goal is full self-expression.

I am currently expressing myself as a writer, author, mother, speaking and writing coach.

There are so many options!

Buy the book. Follow me on social media. Hire me to speak or coach. Be inspired. Be great! Just do it all anyway.


Now what?

Start with the book. This is Dirt will give you what it gives you and you can follow my adventure along the way.

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Amber is a lifelong writer and storyteller. She makes her home in Eastern Washington with her four feral children and adventurous husband. She pretends to have it all together but deep down she's just going through the motions trying not to eff up her kids until bedtime and working on learning as much as she can on the journey.

What readers say...

Opinions don't matter but if you are like Amber, reviews are gold.


Hula hooper - Mom

Wow! What an author. Amber's writing skills speak to me on another level, sometimes so deep that I feel like I am in that moment with the words she has written. She's an exceptionally skilled writer and has never disappointed me. It's real life, raw content written in a unique expressive way that will reach into your heart and speak to your soul. ❤



Wife - Mom - Dreamer

Amber's writing has opened my heart and my mind again. I relate closely to so many of her experiences and stories and her writing style that goes with them is inviting and memorable. I look forward to her next shared snip-it, blog post, or short story every day. Reading her writing has inspired me to be more expressive in my own life.



Hiker - Yogi - Mom

You can really identify with Amber’s writing. It’s not all “my life is great and this is how I do it and you should too”, neither does it delve into the over used genre of “I’m at stay at home mom and these are my struggles and this is why I need coffee and wine to deal with everything”…
You feel her personality shine through in her writing and she builds a strong feeling of acceptance and supportive community within her posts and blogs.
Reading Amber’s writings are a beautiful way to relate to another human out there who’s living it. The good, the bad, the everyday. She is not afraid to share when she is unsure of herself; as a professional, a wife, a mother, a friend, or a person, but she is equally as comfortable sharing her successes to help others grow and showing it is okay to do something well and acknowledge it.
Amber is genuine and real and her writing reflects this.

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